Bank Services

Blatchley Consulting Architects assists lenders and developers by a full range of real estate investor support services, including the following:
  • Pre-construction project review of all project related documents, with special emphasis on budget and schedule compatability.
  • Construction Quality & Loan Monitoring over the course of project delivery.
  • Property Condition Reports for existing building purchases per the ASTM E 2018 baseline standards, with additional considerations beyond the baseline scope per the client’s needs.


Our due diligence will incorporate the early identification of the typical failure mechanisms found in new and existing buildings, a comparative review of the budget and scope of construction, and the evaluation of the project schedule. The review insures that the lenders interests are identified and protected from project inception through completion. Participation over the last nine years in the analysis of construction defect claims provides the unique experience needed to spot and correct problematic conditions prior to project construction or purchase.